The Group

Asia Affinity works at a grass roots level to deliver financial inclusion working closely within the Cooperative and Mutual Aid sector. The twin drivers of our business model are delivering increased community growth and income levels and at the same time ensuring basic levels of protection for those segments of the community not served by the traditional financial services sector.  

Tokyo, Japan

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Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan Risk is licensed by the Japan Financial Services Agency and is a specialist insurance and reinsurance broker. The Company operates in Japan and Internationally, and our primary domestic customers are Cooperatives, small mutual aid societies (Kyosai), and mono-line insurers (SASTI’s) that offer accident, health and simple home protection products to their customers and members. Japan Risk designs and delivers balance sheet protection in the form of reinsurance for these entities and at the same time helps them develop new products which can then be distributed through these specialist channels to their members.


Japan Risk is experienced at setting up new Cooperatives and Mutual Aid Societies and in helping them develop growth strategies. Using these skill sets, the company is working to develop new business models to deliver health and protection solutions for workers in the GIG Economy.

For many years Japan has relied on an increasing volume of part-time workers as companies have sought to maintain their competitiveness by controlling operating overhead, particularly employment cost. This has resulted in a dramatic rise in the number of part-time workers, hired on hourly rates. These workers do not have access to the normal level of benefits enjoyed by full time staff, thus creating a need for simple protection and affordable benefits solutions.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Green Reach is a third-party services provider. The company, based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, provides a range of IT, claims handling, finance, actuarial and data processing services.


Green Reach provides a pivotal role in supporting the data needs of our small community and SME business in SE Asia. Tracking and monitoring large data volumes on small transactions delivers data integrity and reliability to our cooperative clients. Our actuarial services provide support for product pricing and help manage claims and monitor profitability outcomes.


Within Green Reach we also design new product strategies aimed at helping our cooperative customers acquire new members as well as deliver innovative product solutions geared to small community needs.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Hong Kong, CHina


 KMB specializes in developing and implementing sustainable financial inclusion solutions for Micro and SME communities. Build around the tenets of the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals, KMB is delivering solutions protecting some of Asia’s most vulnerable communities from the impact of climate change and ensuring resilience, post natural disaster, E.G. Earthquake, Windstorm, Flood and Volcanic Eruption.


KMB works at the grass roots level with Micro Finance Institutions (“MFI’s”), delivering a range of financial services solutions that are bundled with individual micro savings and loan accounts. The schemes that we implement are built around helping our MFI partners retain and increase their membership using financial services products. Our solutions provide basic protection products that ensure, post disaster, that micro communities can rebuild and are not reliant on aid or charity for survival. With the extremely low levels of insurance penetration in South East Asia our schemes are designed to promote financial inclusion and ensure a basic level of protection for some of the most vulnerable community members.