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Graham Clark


This Company focuses on the seaweed sector in Indonesia and all those actors and communities that grow, harvest and process this important natural resource.

Seaweed is not only a key ingredient in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries but is also a major source of nutrition and critically an absorber of CO2. Seaweed accounts for 40% of the National Fisheries output in Indonesia and with only 4% of its coastline utilised for farming, there is significant future growth potential. In parallel to this is the urgent need to restore damaged coastline, to ensure regeneration of nearshore fish stocks, stable environments in which to develop Mariculture and critically seaweed forests to absorb carbon.


This paper and the subsequent pilot programmes that have emerged from it are a small first step in a journey to create a scalable community model that will ensure healthy coastlines, vibrant coastal communities and a quantifiable contribution to climate risk reduction.

Climate Change and Food Security are the overarching priorities of our time and affect the lives of everyone on our planet today but as importantly is the responsibility that each of us has for the welfare of future generations, for whom we hold our planet, its resources and specifically our Oceans, in trust.

Contributing to climate impact reduction and ensuring a stable and plentiful supply of nutrition is not just the role of Governments and multinational corporations but of all communities and especially those poorer and vulnerable ones, who are often the most exposed to the impacts of climate change and disrupted food chains.

At Asia Affinity, our focus is on building resilient and sustainable communities with the promotion of financial inclusion, education and economic resilience at the core of our development philosophy.

We hope that you will join us on our journey!

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