About Us

Asia Affinity is a privately held holding company, headquartered in Hong Kong, whose core focus is on building long term value for the small community, SME & GIG Economy sectors. The Group works in both developed and emerging economies, delivering protection and sustainability solutions that ensure both resilience and encourage self-reliance.

Mission Satement

At Asia Affinity, our goal is to empower and service the needs of the small community, SME's & GIG Economy channels in Asia; increasing risk awareness, promoting education, financial inclusion and self-reliance. Helping build and protect small communities to ensure resilience and sustainability.

The growth of the sharing economy and outsourced process models, is accelerating the need to provide broad community solutions that ensure basic levels of protection for part-time, self-employed workers and their families.


Asia Affinity works closely with Cooperatives, mutual benefit associations and self-insured groups. The Company is actively involved in the Insurance Development Forum (www.theidf.org), the Global Insurance initiative to promote resilience and financial inclusion within the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (https://www.un.org/development/desa/disabilities/envision2030.html)