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Asia Affinity Value Operations


We give importance to the objectives that our community partners strive to attain.

Different community, different needs.

What is valuable to a community or business varies depending on the country or region. This has led us to continuously widening our reach to understand the financial needs in different communities in Asia.

With this, we focus our operations on the need to build, protect and enable underserved communities through a purpose-built approach. 
Asia Affinity Involvement Building
Asia Affinity Involvement Protecting



Creating opportunities for different kinds of communities is what we do.

Through our work with underserved communities in South East Asia, we are aware of the possibilities of financial inclusion in communities, if given an opportunity.

We have the passion and commitment to start building these opportunities for them. 

We support you in safeguarding what's valuable for you.

Whether it's businesses, livelihood, family or even the environment, we work hard in order to protect what's important to you.


We continue to pursue flexible protection programs that help businesses and communities to make sure that what's valuable will be looked after and even flourish when misfortune and disaster strike.

Asia Affinity Involvement Enabling


Finding the best solutions to assist the needs of the communities and businesses we serve that will allow them to be sustainable. 

With the help of technology, solutions for communities and businesses are endless. We aim to extend these possibilities to the communities we serve, establishing them digitally and allowing them to achieve sustainable growth in their respective goals.

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